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You are looking for a salsa course that suits you in your area, in the desired course level and in the desired salsa dance style.

Salsa courses are offered in various salsa dance schools as couple dance courses continuously over several weeks or several months with weekly appointments of one to two hours per appointment or concentrated on a weekend as a salsa workshop on Saturday and Sunday with two appointments of two up to three hours per appointment including breaks. Those who cannot regularly take part in a salsa dance course also have the option of taking private lessons.

The contents of a salsa course can be structured better in a closed group and thus conveyed more effectively than in open salsa lessons, where the participants who come without registration are made up differently each time.

If salsa dance courses are offered for different levels, the syllabuses and the designations of the course levels differ from provider to provider. An advanced salsa course can either follow the beginner salsa course as a direct follow-up or be attainable only after several beginner levels and several intermediate levels.

The salsa courses also differ in which salsa dance style is to be taught. You should pay particular attention to this if you have already attended a salsa course or several salsa courses and want to build on it.

In salsa courses, at the beginning of a lesson, you usually dance to the music without a partner, similar to aerobics. This serves to practice basic coordinative skills, variations of the basic step, different turns and rhythmic details. In a closed course group, old figures are usually repeated as the dance lesson progresses, before one or two new figures are introduced and then practiced by the participants.

Learning steps and figures in a salsa class is often seen by beginners as a necessary preparation for going to salsa parties in salsa clubs.

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